ARTISTS 2018.
Below you will find their CVs.

/kunstnere/Georg BreinschmidSH.jpg
Georg Breinschmid - Bass
Adrian La Marca - Viola
Mina Fred - Viola
Carl-Oscar Østerlind - Cello
Sebastian Stevensson - Bassoon
Ingrid Neset - Flute
/kunstnere/viktor wennesz.png
Viktor Wennesz - Clarinet
Elaine Ruby - Clarinet
Moritz Winkelmann - Piano
Kristoffer Hyldig - Piano
/kunstnere/Simon-sim-1 sh.jpg
Semion Balchem - Piano
/kunstnere/Poul Vejbo
Poul Vejbo - Tenor
Amelia Jakobsson - Soprano
Stefan Baur - Saxophone
Matias Seibæk - Percussion
Liya Petrova  - Violin
Christian Ellegaard - Violin
Igmar Jenner - Violin
/kunstnere/Florian Willeitner.jpg
Florian Willeitner - Violin
Peter Vuust - Author/musician
Nikolaj Lund
- Music photographer
Mette Lønberg Jensen - Specialised music teacher
Anne Elisabeth Lendorf 
- Artist
    Jonathan Swensen - Cello
            /Harpenist asset.dr.jpg
        Zachery Hatcher - Harp
       /Gudrun Bojesen og Lars Libak formindsket.jpg
  Gudrun Bojesen and Lars Libak
          /Kern Westerberg formindsket.jpg
      Kern Westerberg - Violin
       /HC reduceret.jpg
         Hans Christian Nielsen
             - photographer
    Sigrun Edvaldsdottir - Violin
           /marc tell klein.jpg
     Marc Tell-Klein - piano tuner
Georg Breinschmid is one of the most versatile and virtuosic bass players on the international jazz scene, as well as being a very talented composer. He originally studied classical bass at the University of Music in Vienna, and went on to play in the Vienna Philharmonic, before dedicating his career to his interest in improvised music and composition. Georg’s unorthodox and fascinating compositions, where he combines ideas, sounds and techniques from jazz, classical and viennese music, are widely performed, among others by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Austrailian Chamber Orchestra and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. In 2014 he founded the quartet ’Strings & Bass’ together with violinist Florian Willeitner.
French violist Adrien La Marca is a busy soloist and chamber musician, based in Paris, where he studied at Paris Conservatoire. Adrien has been award many prizes in a variety of competitions and festivals : highlights include the the ‘Johannes Brahms Competition’, the ‘Lionel Tertis Competition’, where he received three special prizes for his interpretations of the Brahms Sonata, and the ‘William Primrose Competition’ where he won a prize for his interpretation of the Walton concerto. Recently, Adrien was delighted to win the “Avants-Scènes” competition in Paris : a competition open to all instrumentalists, in which Adrien is the first ever violist to receive first prize.
Mina Fred’s career as a chamber musician and soloist has taken her all around Europe, since she completed her studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, and the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, where she had her scandinavian debut in 2007. On graduating, Mina won the position of principal violist in one of Denmark’s core chamber ensemble’s at the time : ‘Det Jyske Ensemble’. Mina is originally from Sweden, and now based in Helsingborg, works in various ensembles and orchestras in Scandinavia, England and Swizleland, where she is a founding member of the improvisational group “Trio lost Frequency”. She the principal violist of the Copenhagen based contemporary music ensemble ‘Athelas Sinfonietta’, and is member of ‘The Mira Quartet’ and the ‘Rudersdal Chamber Soloists’.
Cellist Jonathan Swensen has just been to Armenia in June 2018, where he won first prize the ‘Kachaturian International Competition’. Previously he has also won the ‘Danish String Soloist Competition’ and the ‘Leonie Sonnings Talent Prize’ among others, and has performed as a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Portugal, Venice Symphony Orchestra and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. Jonathan is currently studying at the Norweigan Academy of Music, having completed his Bachelor at the Royal Danish Academy of music last year. Jonathan is also very active in the chamber music scene, regularly playing at various festivals in Denmark, and has collaborated with musicians from Trio con Brio and the Danish String Quartet to name a few.
Carl-Oscar Østerlind enjoys a career in Scandinavia and internationally as a dedicated chamber musician, soloist and orchestral cellist. Since his early achievements of winning prizes in the ‘Danish-Swedish Øresund Soloist Competition’, and the ‘Danish String Soloist Competition’, Carl-Oscar has gone on to win many other prizes and awards, among others the ‘Jacob Gade Award’ and the ‘Sonning Music Foundation Fellowship’. Carl-Oscar has played as guest principal cellist in Ensemble MidtVest, the Danish Chamber Players and Esbjerg Ensemble, and as a principal cellist in Copenhagen Philharmonic, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and Islandic Symphony Orchestra. He is a member of ‘Ensemble Mutatis’ and a founding member of ‘Messian Quartet Copenhagen’. Carl-Oscar studied at the Edsberg Institute in Stockholm, Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, and at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Carl-Oscar plays on an G.Grancino cello from 1703, on loan from the Augustinus Fund.
Sebastian Stevensson was born into a musical family in Sigtuna, Sweden, and has since gone on to be one of the leading bassoonists in the northern european music scene. Sebastian studied both at the University of Music and Perfoming Arts in Mannheim, and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and in 2012 he won the position of principal bassoonist in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. He has additionally worked as the principal bassoonist in the Munich Philharmonic, and has appeared as guest principal in the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, Deutsches Symphony Orchestra Berlin and the Rotterdam Philharmonic, to name a few. Sebastian has performed many times as a soloist with various orchestras, and in 2014 he was awarded first prize in the ‘Gillet Fox bassoon competition’ in New York, followed by first prize in the ‘Swedish Soloist Competition’ two years later.
Ingrid Neset is the principal flautist of Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, where she has been playing since she won the position in 2015. Originally from Norway, Ingrid studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and has since performed as guest principal in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, among others. In 2016 she was awarded the ‘Leonie Sonnings Talent Prize’, and with her prize money she commissioned a new work from her brother the jazz saxophonist Maruis Neset, which she premiered at her debut concert in Copenhagen in 2017.
Swedish-hungarian clarinettist Viktor Wennesz moved to Copenhagen tip study at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, performing his debut as a soloist in Tivoli’s concert hall in 2001. Since then he has gone on to work regularly with all the major ensembles in Denmark, and in 2014 he won the concert-master position in the Royal Danish Guard. In 2017 Viktor founded the ‘Messian Quartet Copenhagen’, together with three of the other leading chamber musicians in the scandinavian music scene. Viktor also finds time to play as an assistant with many of the other orchestras in Denmark, and is the woodwind coach for the Nordic Youth Orchestra.
British clarinettist Elaine Ruby moved to Denmark in 2014 when she won the position as principal clarinettist of the Danish Chamber Players, just after completing her studies at the Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music. After 3 years in the ensemble, Elaine embarked on what is proving to be a very busy and fruitful freelance career in Scandinavia, as an orchestral and chamber musician, whilst she also has being trialling for principal clarinet in the BBC Concert Orchestra in London. Elaine was delighted to be invited to be the clarinet mentor in the danish TV series ‘Vidunderbørn’, which was shown on DR1 in winter 2017.
Pianist Moritz Winkelmann is known for being one of the most expressive and flexible pianists of his generation, and has appeared as a soloist and chamber musician worldwide. Moritz studied first at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts, and then continued his studies at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. Highlights from his career include performances with the New York Classical Players, the  Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, and appearances at various prestigious festivals around the globe, including Schleswig-Holstein Festival, the Perlman Music Program, and the Ravinia Festival. He is currently based in Bern, Switzerland, where he holds a teaching position at the Bern Conservatory.
Kristoffer Hyldig, originally from Bornholm, is one of Denmark’s leading pianists and has been highly sought after as a chamber musician, accompanist, orchestral pianist and soloist since his debut in 2010. He has appeared as a soloist with the Royal Danish Orchestra, and has many CD recordings to his name, including a Naxos recording with Hetna Regitze Bruun, which was nominated for the P2 prize with the danish radio. Also successful abroad, Kristoffer was a prize-winner in the ‘EU Piano Competition’ in 2009. Kristoffer is a founding member of the ambitious’ Messian Quartet Copenhagen’.
Semion Balschem was born and grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, where he started playing piano at the age of 6, and went on to study at the Moscow Conservatory of Music in Russia. Following this, his career as a solo pianist, accompanist and chamber music led him to work all around the Soviet Union whilst he also taught at the conservatory in Kiev. Semion emigrated to Denmark in 1979, where he continued to work all around Europe as a soloist with various orchestras, giving masterclasses, coaching, accompanying, and being on the jury for various competitions.
Tenor Poul Vejbo, Fejøs resident tenor, was employed in the Royal Danish Opera Chorus for 34 years (1971-2005) where he performed in more than 37 different operas. Poul has been in the church choir in Avedøre Church for 24 years (1991- ) and in Fejø Church for the last 11 years (2007- ), and is still going strong!
The Swedish soprano Amelia Jakobsson began her musical career as an internationally acclaimed cellist, and had always been fascinated by opera. After studying at the Malmö Academy of Music she studied to become a professional opera singer at the Stockholm Opera School, where has received several prestigious scholarships and prizes. She has been invited to perform as a soloist with several of the swedish symphony orchestras, and her singing career has taken her all around Europe, and as far as America and Algeria. Impressively, Amelia still finds time to work as a cellist at a top professional level.
On completing his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2007, saxophonist Stefan Baur went on to complete both a teaching and a performance diploma at the Amsterdam Conservatoire. He is busy as a soloist and chamber musician, and plays in ‘Trio Zoom’, ‘The Danish Saxophone Quartet’ and ‘Scenatet’ ensemble’, to name a few. Stefan is the regular guest saxophonist in a number of orchestras in Denmark and Sweden, and is frequently touring in northern Europe, Poland and Russia. He is also the saxophone professor at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.
Percussionist Matias Seibæk is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and graduated from the soloist programme in 2009. He is working primarily as a soloist and chamber musician, and somewhat of a specialist in new music. Matias is a member of the contemporary ensembles ‘Scenetat’’ and ‘Trio Zoom’, as well as the chamber ensembles ‘Jeppe Just Instituttet’ and the avantgarde jazz fusion ‘Mauro Patricelli trio’.
Christian Ellegaard was born into a musical family, and began playing the violin at age 6. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and  Edsberg Institute in Stockholm, and he is a first-prizewinner at ‘Berlingske Tidende’s classical music competition’ and ‘Jacob Gade violin competition’. Christian plays chamber music with ‘Ensemble Mutatis’, and plays full time in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Continuing the family tradition, Christian now has two musical sons, who are learning to play violin and cello!
Igmar Jenner is originally from Berlin, and studied classical violin in Graz, where he now has a teaching position. Considered to be somewhat multitalented, he plays in a number of chamber ensembles, both classical and jazz, and composes his own music for many of his groups. He is a founding member of he ensemble ‘String Syndicate’, and ‘First Strings on Mars’, together with Florian Willeitner and Georg and Breinschmid. Igmar is also a member of the ‘Radio String Quartet Vienna’, who play a diverse range of music, and has an unusual duo with accordionist Borut Mori, with whom they won the ‘Austrian World Music Award’ in 2010.
Kern Westerberg is currently enrolled on the soloist course at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, whilst he is rapidly establishing a career in Scandinavia as a soloist and chamber musician. He is a founding member of “Trio Scandinavia”, who met and formed their a group whilst studying at the prestigious Edsberg Institute in Stockholm. Kern made his debut as a soloist with the Danish National Orchestra when he was just 12 years old, and has since then gone on to receive various significant prizes, including the Léonie Sonnings Talent Prize, which he won earlier this year. Kern plays on an G.Grancino violin from 1697, on loan from the Augustinus Fund.
Florian Willeitner is an award winning german violinist, composer and arranger. He is unusual, in that he plays both jazz and classical violin to a high professional level, and performs frequently at classical and jazz festivals, concert hals, and jazz clubs. Florian has his own collection of ensembles, namely “First Strings on Mars, who are performing on Fejø this week, and also the ‘New Piano Trio’, the ‘Viennese String Quartet’ and ‘String & Bass’. Florian was awarded second prise at the fabulous ‘International Seifert Competition in 2016’, a competition in Poland for jazz violinists.
Sigrun Edvaldsdottir comes from Reykjavik, Iceland and has been the Concertmaster of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra since 1998. She has had a colourful career, as a chamber musician (founding member of the Miami String Quartet), competition-winning soloist, and has also performed live with the sanding pop star Björk! Sigrun was delighted to be invited to be on the jury at the Sibelius Competition in Helsinki last December, twenty-five years after being a prize-winner in the competition. Sigrun has also travelled the world by boat, when she had a contract performing for audiences on cruise ships with P&O Ferries!
Zachary Hatcher has been playing the harp since he was 4 years old, and went on to study at the Julliard School of Music, and the Paris Conservatoire. In 2015 Zachary was awarded the Grand Prize in the international music competition in Paris, ‘Leopold Bellan’, and went on to perform his parisian debut in the Salle Cortot. As an orchestral harpist, Zachary guests regularly as the principal harpist in the Verbier Festival Orchestras, and in 2015 Zachary moved to Denmark on being appointed the position of principal harpist in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra .
Peter Vuust is a unique combination of a jazz bassist and expert in the area of the neurological effect music has on the human brain – a research field he has single-handedly built up, and is internationally recognised for. As a composer and bass player he has collaborated with a variety of artists, from danish pop-stars to some of the world’s major, international jazz artists, and in November 2014 he was nominated for a danish music award for ‘Best Danish vocal jazz album’ with his own quartet and Veronica Mortensen. Peter holds a degree in mathematics, french and music, and after graduating, he devoted ten years to playing and performing, before resuming his academic career.
Nikolaj Lund is an internationally acclaimed photographer, who specialises in portraying classical musicians in a unique and exciting way. His creative and inspiring photographs often include elements of nature ; rain, fire, oceans, rooftops and mountains (just to name a few). Some beautiful examples of Nikolaj’s work are on display at the culture house ‘rummet’ by Dybvig harbor and in the school this week. Nikolaj is also a classically trained cellist, and still enjoys playing chamber music a great deal : nearly as much as he enjoys location scouting in hisshiny new station car!
Mette Lønberg Jensen is a professionally qualified music and speech therapist who specialises in working with children. She works both in a school and children’s education centre,working mainly with children from ages six to ten, and uses music as a medium to help engage them, and develop their skills and understanding. Mette is creative and imaginative, has a lot of positive experience with her own ‘band’ (created with children at work), and she is coming to Fejø to run an energetic and fun band session open to everyone on Thursday morning at the school.
Artist Anne Elisabeth Lendorf is based in Copenhagen, and specialises mainly in portraits and ceramics. All her life she has been fascinated by the intensity and beauty of portraits, particularly those that are drawn and painted in a way such that the portrait has eye contact with the viewer. She has created hundreds of portraits of a huge range of people from one-year-olds to ninety-four-year-olds! We have the pleasure of welcoming Anne Elisabeth to instruct and lead the painting concert on Saturday morning.
Gudrun Bojesen and Lars Libak are both professional dancers, of very different types. Gudrun is a classical ballerina, and Lars a breakdancer! Gudrun was a solo-ballerina at the Royal Danish Theatre, and became famous for her flawless technique and mesmerising stage presence. She retired from the theatre in 2016, but is still dancing professionally, among other things in a duo with Lars, where together that have performed an enormously popular christmas show at the Royal Theatre. Lars’ regular work is with the group ‘Team Jiyo’, a nationally and internationally acclaimed group of eleven professional break-dancers.
Marc Tell-Klein is one of Denmark’s best piano tuners. He works for the piano company Juhl-Sørensen in Copenhagen. They have supplied grand pianos to the festival on Fejø for many years. We have been lucky to have Marc as our piano tuner throughout all the years. Whilst he is here, he also tunes other pianos on the island.
Hans Christian Nielsen is a resident of the island, and autodidact amateur photographer, specialising in conveying moods, environments and landscapes. You can read more on his webpage https://www.flickr.com/photos/hc_nielsen/albums. Hans Christian is affiliated to the festival as photographer.
Thony Lindberg has just moved to Fejø. He has an international carreer behind him. Thony will film during the festival.