We are preparing for the 2018 season of Fejø’s Festival, and it promises to be a new and exciting one. We owe our sponsors an enormous ‘thank-you’ for the financial support we have received. It means the festival is once again in a position to offer the highest quality of music performance.
The festival is supported by Fejoe's Chamber Music Association, which was founded in 2015. Their aim since that has always been to plan and create events and concerts on Fejø, developing the quality (and quantity) of live music performed locally.
 The Festival would like to thank the following for their support this year :
Ildsjæle og institutioner på Fejø
Aftenskolen Lolland-Falster



Vestlollands Turistforening

Fejø Smede & Maskinværksted
Tømrermester Claus Pedersen
Det gule pakhus
Fejø Børne- og Kulturhus 


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